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Professional Lawn Care Services in Fishers

Located in Fishers, Indiana, we are your one-stop shop for all of your lawn care needs.  Our pricing is centered around proximity to your neighbors and how many of those neighbors use our services as well.  The more we can onboard on the program, the lower your bill goes.  The more efficient our crews can be while providing lawn care services each day, the savings should be passed on to you, the customer!  There has never been a better time to get more of your neighbors/friends in Fishers to join our program.  Everyone wins!

Fishers Lawn Care Services

Our services range from the standard mow, trim, and edge each week all the way to larger landscaping projects.  Although our primary offering is weekly lawn care and maintenance, we can connect you with the top companies in town to provide any service you require.  Our hands-on approach to maintaining your yard is what makes us different.  We have a multi-channel relationship with various vendors, mulch providers, hardscape manufacturers, etc.  You name it, we can provide it.  Think of us as "your guy" in the lawn, landscape, and hardscape niche.

Making Lawn Care in Fishers Affordable

With our multi-channel relationships, we can negotiate the best deal for your lawn care services.  No longer do you have to worry about if this guy is gouging the prices or not.  Our pricing model is simple, it's all based on you and your neighbors.  The more neighbors we can provide services to, the lesser your fishers lawn care pricing is.

No Contract Lawn Care

Don't worry about contracts, we don't have them.  We come out and provide the services as you require them.  We will be out each week to work on your lawn in the summer months, and if you ever want to cancel, simply contact us and we will cancel your service.  When you want to turn it back on, give us a call.  Pricing will be based on tiers of neighbors, so the more we can onboard, the lower everyones price will be.  If several fall off, it could drop the tier.  But, we promise, that our top pricing will be no more than any of our competitors.  We provide discount lawn care services, and to better serve you, we will communicate all of these price changes with you.  Our goal is to drive the lawn care pricing down, not up.  Work with us on a non-contract basis and see what we can do for you!     Get Started Now!

Easy Fall Lawn Care Tips

You put a lot of care and effort into your lawn and you sweat over it all year long to keep it looking great. With cooler weather coming in, it is time to start preparing your southern grass. Cool-season turf grasses thrive in the cool weather and require less care. You can re-seed your lawn with cool season grass right before the weather starts to change so you have some cold season grass. On the other side of the coin, warm-season turf grasses grow best in the warm weather and will require more care and maintenance during the fall.

Fishers Lawn Care Basics

Regardless of the type of grass you have there are some basic care pointers you should keep in mind for fall care of your lawn and yard. Let's look at these:
  • Apply herbicides that target broadleaf weeds as they can compete with the grass and kill it off and make it more susceptible to damage by the cold.
  • Correct soil pH to make sure the levels are good. In order to reduce acidity, apply lime and if the soils is too alkaline you should apply sulfur.
  • Dethatch and rake out the dead grass so that the new grass can grow in- especially if you are re-seeding during the fall.
  • Leaves and pine needles can be used to insulate the grass from frost and freezes but make sure it is not too thick or it can smother your grass and kill it.

Maintenance All Season Long 

For your lawn care schedule during the fall months you will need to consider these three basic points:
  • Watering schedule
  • Fertilizing technique
  • Setting mower height


Fall lawn care hinges on your grass getting enough water. Just because the weather is cooler, your lawn will still need some watering now and then. You won't need to water like you did for the summer, but during dry spells it is important to remember to provide sufficient water.


Another fall lawn care tip to keep in mind is the importance of special fall and winter fertilizer applications. It is widely recommended to apply 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn. There are also many specially designed Winter Guard fertilizer. You will want to select a fertilizer that has a low phosphorus  number- such as an NPK fertilizer with a number of 32-0-10.


The final point to remember is that the mowing requirement changes during the fall and winter because the grass is not actively growing. Adjusting lawn mower height is good because it keeps the grass at a healthy level and puts less stress on the grass during the cooler season. The best advice is to set the mower height to at least a half inch higher than normal to keep things easy to maintain. This will also help reduce plant stress and make your lawn healthier in the long run.


Following these simple fall grass care tips and keeping them in mind will help your lawn look great all fall season long! Many people find a great deal of pride and a sense of accomplishment in how great their lawn looks. During the fall months, when the weather gets colder, the nights grow longer, and the seasons change, this can be more difficult than ever. But by keeping the basic principles of watering, fertilizing, and cutting in mind and following the guidelines discussed here, you can maintain and healthy looking lawn all season long!  Be the envy of your neighbors and have them begging you for your fall lawn care secrets! Get Started Now!

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