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Indianapolis Landscaping Services Lawn care tips

A little effort goes a long way

In order to get the best results from anIndianapolis Landscaping Services course of action, you will need to keep up with some basic lawn maintenance. This includes regular mowing and watering. Don’t worry, though, it is not difficult – especially if you follow the following tips:

Indianapolis Landscaping Services Tips:

Spring Preparation

When soil temperatures reach about 55 degrees, most grass types begin to awaken from hibernation. At this point it becomes important to prepare your lawn for the growing season that is to come. Indianapolis Landscaping Services encourages you to get outside and rake up any debris that may have been left over from the fall and winter, like sticks and leaves.

It is simultaneously a good idea to get a good mowing in before your lawn really begins to grow. This will remove any dead top growth and allow the sunlight to better reach the soil surface. The first mowing should generally begin at one or two notches lower than your normal summer mowing elevation. Once spring has officially sprung, you will be able to return to your normal more extensive mowing practices as Indianapolis Landscaping Services has outlined below.


Proper mowing is crucial in lawn maintenance between your regularly scheduled Indianapolis Landscaping Services visits. If you cut your grass too short, you could damage the crown, the part of the blade of grass where growth occurs. If you allow your grass to grow too long, and you will cut off too much of the blade the next time you mow, which will cause stress and possibly damage your grass.

It is best to keep your lawn a little longer than you would normally think is best. The perfect length varies depending on grass type and what time of year it is, a good range of length for your lawn at is 2.5 to 3 inches. That way, your grass will have enough blade length to produce food, via photosynthesis, which will result in good, effortless growth. The thicker your grass gets, the deeper its roots will become, and the more it will crowd out any weeds that try to appear.

One good rule of thumb Indianapolis Landscaping Services would like to emphasize is: the hotter and drier the weather is, the higher you should set your mower height to keep your grass longer.

Indianapolis Landscaping Service Tips:

  • Only mow when your grass is dry.
  • Keep your mower blades in good condition.
  • Never cut your lawn too close to the ground.
  • Leave your clippings down after cutting to act as mulch, unless they are long or wet.
  • Let your grass grow longer in hot weather and lower your mowing height a tad in the early spring or late fall. 


Watering your law regularly is important, but sometimes it can be too much. How much should you water? It depends on a variety of factors: your grass and type of soil, along with climate and patterns of rain in the area.

It is often best to allow your yard to tell you when water is needed. If your grass is looking lackluster, your lawn probably needs some water. One way to test the buoyancy of your yard is to walk across it. If footprints remain afterwards, your lawn does not have enough spring. When your lawn is watered, make sure you spray deep enough for it to penetrate into the roots. We recommend watering 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch twice a week. This is better than a light water you add to your lawn every day. Generally, your lawn needs about one inch of water per week through rainfall or irrigation.

Have further questions? Ask your Indianapolis Landscaping Services experts to help you determine the best mowing and watering schedule for your lawn.