Lawn Care Services

Fishers Mowing / Grass Cutting

Proper Grass Cutting is the only way to make sure you have a healthy lawn.

Keeping a healthy lawn is not an easy task, and is a constant struggle for many homeowners.  It’s imperative that you cut your grass only when necessary, do not cut it too short, and to always let the seedlings fall to the ground and act as grass food making your lawn even stronger.  Bagging/discarding your clippings as you mow is only doing your lawn a disservice in terms of overall health.  Whether you know it or not, cutting the grass is very stressful for the grass as a plant.  By following some very simple rules, you can have a very thick, healthy turf that will only gain strength in the years to come.

Our pricing is all based on neighbor proximity and how many customers we have in one area.  The more neighbors we can serve, the less our team has to travel.  While most lawn care companies save that money, we want to give it back to you.  That is why we offer tiered pricing that will always kill our competitors.  Contact us today for a free quote on your lawn!

Fishers Mulch Services

Proper Mulching provides a healthy balance for plants and trees, while eliminating weeds.

Mulch and mulching is one of the best things you can do for a tree or plant.  It helps maintain proper soil moisture and improve the conditions for ongoing growth.  Any homeowner that is working on building a beautiful landscape in their yard should be very attentive to the mulch conditions, removing weeds, and maintaining a proper balance of moisture for your plants and trees to grow whilst also destroying weeds before they can grow.

Moreover, properly installed mulch will make your landscape look amazingly clean and beautiful.  Grooming a landscape is just as important as the plant/tree choices you make.  But, be careful!  Too much mulch, or not enough can cause some serious health and appearance issues for your landscaping.  Or, by using the wrong material, you may be looking at a landscape of nothing but dead plants.  Take the worry out, contact us today for a free quote.

Proper Mulching Benefits

As previously mentioned, it will help maintain the appropriate soil moisture while also reducing evaporation.  If you were to put down between 2 and 4 inch layer of mulch you will reduct the ability for weeds to germinate and grow.  Mulch, amongst many other options you can put down below the mulch, serves as a insulating blanket only allowing what should be growing to grow properly.  Choosing the right mulch for your yard is more than just the color, work with us today to see what is right for your plants and trees.