Noblesville Landscaping

Noblesville Mowing & Grass Cutting

Would You Like a Healthy & Lush Lawn?

Many homeowners find themselves frustrated at the never ending task of taming their turf! LawnCraft exists to refine Noblesville landscaping so that you, the homeowner, can rest with a sense of pride. Your time is valuable. Allow us to maintain the necessities of your lawn care while you simply relax and enjoy.

Helpful Insights to the Health of Your Lawn:

  • Only cut grass as needed & never too short. This will keep your lawn disease free and void of weed infestation.
  • Leave the clippings where they lay! This will provide nourishment to your lawn which is vital.
  • A sharp cut makes a sharp lawn! Keep mower blades sharpened to aid in better recovery time in the health of your grass.

Noblesville Mulch Installation

Would You Like to Enhance & Beautify Your Landscape?

Curb appeal plays a large role in the pride of ownership. Many homeowners accomplish this through the addition of mulch, which not only embellishes your landscape but provides moisture retention in your soil. There are vast varieties of mulch available for your Noblesville Landscaping project. You are able to engage your personality through a spectrum of color and texture; as well as rely on its functionality. Many factors weigh in on the determination of which type is best to be used. The success of your trees, plants, shrubbery and natural flora depend on the proper selection of mulch. Let our skilled team at LawnCraft assist in providing you with the best quality plant life possible!

Benefits of Mulch for the Health of Your Landscape:

  • Inhibits the growth of weeds and germination
  • Protects plants from drying out
  • Maintains balanced soil temperatures (so as not to stress plant life)

Noblesville Aeration and Over-seeding

Have You Considered the Health of Your Soil?

A solid foundation is pertinent to all processes of growth and your lush lawn is no exception. The LawnCraft professionals are experienced when it comes to your Noblesville landscaping needs. As a homeowner your desire is to reap the benefits of a thick, green and manicured yard. Aeration creates new pockets of air which allows the root system of the grass to absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. The roots then grow strong and deep to produce a more hearty and vigorous lawn. This process is then followed up with over-seeding which ensures your lawn stays lush and green. A pleasing difference to the eye and underfoot!

Indicators for the Need of Aeration to Improve the Health of Your Lawn:

  • High foot traffic area. Heavy wear from children and pets add to your soil becoming too compacted.
  • Standing water. If you have noticed pools of water forming you may have a build-up of thatch which creates a barrier between your grass and soil.
  • Runoff water. Water running off of your lawn carries away moisture and nutrients that are critical to the root system of your grass.

Noblesville Weed Control and Prevention

Are You Looking for a Solution for those Pesky Weeds?

You are not alone in the battle of fighting unwanted and unsightly weeds! LawnCraft professionals have a tried and true method for eliminating and preventing the nuisance of weeds. Perfecting Noblesville landscaping desires includes a superior weed remedy that will eradicate weeds without harming your luscious lawn. Preventative pre-emergent treatments are available for weed species such as, Crabgrass and Nutsedge which require more attention due to their hearty disposition. Should you find it necessary, service calls are offered between applications for the more stubborn species of weeds we may encounter.

How Weeds Pose a Threat to the Health of Your Lawn:

  • They deprive desirable plants of water, sun and soil nutrients
  • They can harbor insects and disease
  • They can scratch and irritate the skin/aggravate allergies

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