Noblesville Lawn Care

Located near Noblesville, Indiana, we are your go-to company for all of your lawn care needs. Our pricing plan works like this:

The Noblesville Lawn Care Customer Advantage

Once you hire our lawn care company, you pass the word on to your neighbors. If you neighbors additionally opt into our lawn care services, your lawn maintenance rate goes down.  There are lawn care companies in the Noblesville area that charge you an astronomical rate for a quick trim, but we’re not like that. We hire the best lawn care crew in the area and pass along the savings to our customers! Get on our plan to keep your lawn green while making some green!   

Noblesville Lawn Care Services

Our services vary from your basic weekly cleanup mow, trim, and edge all the way to larger-scale landscaping projects and hardscapes.

Although we are primarily a Noblesville lawn care and maintenance company, we have connections with the top Noblesville landscaping companies to provide any service you require.

Why hire us for your Noblesville Lawn Care Services?

Our hands-on approach to lawn care maintenance is what makes us different than other companies.  We maintain relationships with various lawn care vendors, mulch providers, hardscape manufacturers, and more! You name the lawn care service and we will provide it! Think of us as “your guy” in the lawn, landscape, and hardscape niche.

Interested in ways to maintain your yard year round? Here are a few tips we offer:

Monthly Noblesville Lawn Care Suggestions

To make your Noblesville Lawn Care Services the most effective, your lawn needs to be maintained properly. The right lawn care schedule can help our Noblesville Lawn Care Company to produce the lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. Keep reading to find out our suggestion for how to approach your lawn care throughout the year.

It is essential to get your lawn off to a good start. Noblesville Landscaping Services suggest treating your lawn with a heavy feeding in early spring, like late March or early April. This will awaken your lawn from its winter hibernation. While feeding, Noblesville Landscaping Services will apply a weed control application which is imperative to getting those weeds under control early.

Later on during the spring season, our Noblesville Lawn Care Company recommends that you gradually release fertilizer onto your lawn to maintain its strong growth and good color. This would be important around late April or early May. Again, Noblesville Landscaping Services will apply a weed control to keep those weeds in check.

As the temperature warms up, allow our Noblesville Lawn Care Company to apply a summer blend (around late May, early June).  Noblesville Landscaping Services will use a nutrient release fertilizer while continuing to treat for weeds. It will also be time to treat for insect control.

Late summer is when you have to watch for burn potential. Noblesville Lawn Care will apply a slow release fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy while eliminating the burn potential. This time period usually falls around July and August. This treatment aids in the recovery from drought and other heat related tension. If your weeds are being persistent, our Noblesville Lawn Care will spot treat them on sight!

Fall is when you will get your best growth throughout the year. In September and October, our Noblesville Lawn Care Services will be generous with a heavy fertilizer application, complete with nutrients to improve upon the summer stained color of your grass. Noblesville Landscaping Services will control weeds as needed and consider scheduling an aeration and over seeding appointment.

Late fall includes one of the most important treatments of the entire season. October and early November are the months in which Noblesville Lawn Care Services suggest applying nutrients to help your lawn recover from the stress of the summer and to prepare your lawn for winter. As per usual, Noblesville Lawn Care Services will continue treating any pesky weeds.

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