Our Services

Lawn Care Services

We are a full service landscaping company located in Fishers Indiana. We typically mow, trim and edge your lawn each week but we also take on many smaller and many bigger landscaping services and projects. No job is too big or too small. Our main business is weekly mowing, trimming and edging your yard but if you have larger projects, we can connect you to the right people.

Our smaller landscaping services include mulching, mowing, weeding and aeration. Mulching is important because it provides proper nutrients for your trees and bushes and can help promote the growth of your greenery. Weeding will help your lawn grown healthy. Weeds typically can stunt the growth of your grass and plants so removing them will give your greenery a chance to grown. Aeration is removing small plugs of your grass to allow nutrients, air and grass seed to make it deeper into your soil. This too will help with the growth and health of your lawn.

One of the most popular big landscaping projects we can help you with is hardscaping. Hardscape is your outdoor walkways, patios, decks and many more. We can help provide you with the right contacts to design the hardscaping project of your dreams. On all our bigger landscaping projects we act as a liaison between you and all the vendors to make sure you get the best pricing and to make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction. We have been in business for a while and we know vendors around town who will provide quality work. We know mulch providers, hardscape manufacturers, and many more vendors to help you with any landscaping project you could have. Just let us know what you want done and we will make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.


Our goal is to provide quality lawn care services at a discounted price. The way we charge is based is based around how many of your neighbors use our services. The more people nearby using LawnCraft, the lower your bill. This allows us to be more efficient in providing you and your neighbors with quality lawn care services at the best price. Our prices work because the more concentrated the people we provide services, the less it costs us to travel which will turn into savings for you. We want the best prices for you so we will always keep you up to date on your current lawn care service cost. Just make sure to tell your neighbors about us so we can help you get the best deal. 

Don’t worry though if you are the first in your area! We can assure you that even our top pricing will be no more than our competitors. We want the lowest prices for you and your neighbors. Help us help you get lower prices by spreading the word about LawnCraft! 

On larger projects we are able to get you a great deal as well. Because we act as a liaison for multiple vendors, we will take care of you to make sure you are getting the best deal you can get. We will work for you to make sure the vendors do not try to take advantage of you. And because we know the vendors and have relationships with them we can get you a better deal then if you had to go out and hire all the vendors by yourself. We work with our vendors often and because we are able to connect them with a lot of business, they give us a better deal. We then pass on the savings to you! It’s that simple.


What is special about our lawn care services is that we don’t require you to sign any sort of contract. We only cut, edge and trim your yard as it is needed. But, don’t worry about us not showing up! We will be out each week to take care of your yard. If you want to stop our services, all you have to do is contact us to cancel your service. It is as simple as that. After that, it’s up to you if you want us to come back out again and start out where we left off. If you want us to come back out again, just give us a call and we will be out there as soon as we can to take care of your yard. But remember, our prices are based on the amount of people using our services nearby, so the prices may change for you and your neighbors if some people discontinue our services.